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The problem facing youth is a real challenge, not only for their personal development, but also for the preservation of their natural talent and success stability. For this reason there is a need for policies that is not only build on youth potential, but also open new doors in areas such as employment & professional education. 

Firstly, in the field of education we have to review the school curricula as to make sure that it also provides the knowledge and skills required by the current economic realities. The training system has to be developed and aligned with the present and future needs of young people in their respective societies- including formal and non-formal education, lifelong education and information centers for youth.

Secondly, in the field of moral development and youth participation we should reaffirm the role of youth and active young people in our communities. It should be acknowledged that NGOs are the main provider of volunteer work. All these contribute to encourage us to give our best for youth in Alliance Clubs International.

Under this banner we have to promote self-employment and youth entrepreneurship with this fact in mind that Youth employment policies should be integrated in national strategies in order to boost youth development. In our country the youth movement is continuously growing, the youth policies being strongly influenced by the associative youth-based environments.

I would like to quote the text from the Speech of Sir A. P. J. Abdul Kalam "the youth of our country are on the right path through so many mission oriented programme. With the ignited minds of the 540 million youth below the age of 25, which I consider is the most powerful resource on the earth, under the earth and above the earth."

Alliance Clubs International promotes to develop a wide network of youth in all around the world with friendship and harmony and focus to explain the importance of Developing potential and personal integrity Developing helpfulness and respect for others Making them understand the value of individual responsibility and hard work Advancing international understanding and goodwill.

With warm Alliance Greetings

Ally Satish Lakhotia

International President, Alliance Clubs International