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Welcome to the vast family of ALLIANCE CLUBS INTERNATIONAL that has the belief- VASUDEVA KUTUMBAKAM-the world is one family and serve the mankind. 

Its emblem itself shows a world wide approach. The red circle implies to the boundaries of the globe, indicating that the organization shall welcome members from across the globe. The star with joining hands suggests the act of forming an alliance, keeping mind the principles of the organization, to see its sparkle with the efforts of each individual. The eight arrows implies to the principles and husk implies the prosperity of the organization.

It is the matter of pride for us to introduce you to "Alliance Clubs International" a registered organization started in India. As the main "Alliance" suggests, the organization comes forward

The purpose of the organization shall and hereby be to organize and charter alliance clubs throughout the world and to organize the activities of individual clubs districts and other bodies.

The organization began in India in the year 2008 from Kolkata and is now having a strength of 600 clubs with membership of over 15000 members in active status.

Keeping in mind the mission of the organization which is to bring together people of the world, irrespective of caste, creed and religion under one banner for social and charitable services towards humanity and for better understanding we welcome you to kindly associate yourself with Alliance Clubs International and to come forward in holding hands together from across the globe to bring peace and prosperity in the world.